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Independent shops, businesses & local groups joining together to promote the vibrant community on and around Gloucester Road Central (BS7 8NU)

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Deadline for Artwork Submissions is February 20th 2017

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 Gloucester Road Art Banners

Would you like to see your artwork up on giant banners attached to lamp posts along Gloucester Road? Gloucester Road Traders invite you to submit your creative work, inspired by our wonderful High Street of Independent Shops & Businesses.

There will about 30 banners, approximately 2 metres tall, attached to lampposts, with 60 + artworks and words inspired by Gloucester Road and all it offers. Each banner is double sided so can have different images on either side and can be in place for up to 5 years. The banners will create a fantastic visual impact to the street scene - an open air Art Gallery up Gloucester Road. This community art project will be a collaborative effort of artists, businesses, organisations, individuals and Bristol Council to promote the arts, tourism, local shopping, sustainable transport and neighbourliness. Gloucester Road Art Banners could then inspire other areas to take part – creating a Bristol wide open air exhibition.

The words and images will inform passersby of all the fantastic shops and activities in the area on and around Gloucester Road. The hope is to encourage people to leave their cars behind in order to stroll up and down the high street, admiring the art and learning about the wide range of shops, galleries, health, beauty or spiritual centres, cafes, restaurants and bars. They will be a reminder that creativity happens all year round in our community.
Gloucester Road is already known as the longest street of Independent Shops in Europe and attracts tourists from all over the UK and beyond. It really has 'Everything You Need On One Street'. By putting up artistic banners along the whole road it will add to Bristol’s legacy as a highly creative city with a vibrant streets art scene.

Everyone is invited to submit artwork and there’s space for over 60 images. All you need to do is create a piece of art to reflect a word, idea or image inspired by Gloucester Road, shopping local or the joys of living in Bristol. Artwork can be as graphic or abstract as you like but it will need to work in a large format – around 2 metres high by 80cm wide. The banners will have the inspiring word (s) at the top with Gloucester Road written at the bottom e.g. ‘Shop……Gloucester Road‘ ‘Eat…..Gloucester Road’, ‘Love, Play, Bike, Friendly, Charity, Art etc. See the Glos Rd Central website for further details and how to submit www.glosrdcentral

For examples see the images above

The deadline for submission of artwork is February. The finalists will be selected by a panel of judges including Mary Collett, Chair of North Bristol Artists, Steve Jacobsen, RWA Academician and selector for the Annual Autumn Exhibition and Councillor Asher Craig, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods. Gloucester Road Traders, local residents and schools will also have their say. After all, the Gloucester Road Art Banners will be up for everyone to see and enjoy. So make a trip to Gloucester Road and get your creative thinking hats on!

Click here to view submission details PDF

Email us here to register your interest This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.